McLaren created red-and-black version of P1

McLaren presented a special version of supercar P1. The car was created in the company MSO by request. The company did not disclose information about the customer.

Information about the fastest Mini is leaked

Company Mini mentioned the most powerful and rapid variation of its hatchback version about a year ago, at the show in Detroit.

Bentley replaced the Chief Designer

Chief Designer of Bentley and in general of the concern Volkswagen AG left the Belgian Luc Donkervol′ke, who was responsible for the look of all Bentley cars, starting from 2012 onwards.

Volkswagen Tiguan will be in three versions

As the announcement tells us, the next generation of the crossover, the 2015 VW Tiguan will be more than one model in itself. The regular Volkswagen Tiguan five door will carry on and that will be the least surprising version.

5 advices how to avoid the crashes in strong winter

Soon strong winter will knock our doors and the streets will be full of snow the snow, that is why ee decided to write down some useful advises how to avoid accidents in a snowy weather.

Nov 28, 2014

Audi is developing a rival to Range Rover Evoque

Engineers of the German car maker Audi to develop its new model, which will be a competitor to Range Rover Evoque. Most recently, information was received that a German company considered potential options for a car that will be on the same level with luxury crossover Range Rover Evoque and BMW X 4 and Porsche Macan. As noted by Ulrich Hackenberg, head of the technical unit of Audi, the auto giant was presented for about three conceptual models, close to the competitors. The first is the Allroad Shooting Brake, debuted in winter in Detroit on the sidelines of the auto show. The second concept car became TT Offroad, submitted in the spring at the Beijing auto show. And finally, TT Sportback, which was presented to the public at the Paris Motor Show this fall. Ulrich Hackenberg emphasized the TT Offroad, which has the best chance to become a series production .

Infiniti crossover QH70 is for real leaders

Who happened to be driving a premium crossover Infiniti QH70, can never forget this wonderful sense of freedom that allows you to enjoy this car. It combines the comfort of a luxury SUV with vigor and aggressiveness of a racing car. Particular aesthetic satisfaction is an impressive exterior: solid bumper, bi xenon head optics, integrated into the front fenders, a rear window spoiler, original grille, fog lamps located below. It seems that the car can speak with its owner. Looking at it you will have thoughts about speed and great acceleration, and surpassing of competitors on the many dimensions of the technical indicators are proof of this. "Automatic" box on the seven-speed Adaptive shift system allows fast and without jerks send the power hidden in the engine compartment, on the rims and accelerate to the desired speed. A higher strength allows crossover Infiniti QH70 effectively protect its occupants in the event of an accident. However, the weight of the new generation of smaller than the previous one, and this has a positive effect on handling velocity characteristics and dynamics of the car. The initial version of the crossover is powered by a 238-strong unit volume 3.0 liters, and is running on diesel fuel. For the more expensive kits a 333-horsepower 3.7-liter engine that runs on petrol. Well, and the top version of crossover will be able to boast the most appropriate for such rapid vehicle an eight cylinder V-shaped 32-valve power unit, which develops power of 400 "horses" to accelerate to the speed of 100 kilometers per hour for some 5.8 seconds.

Bentley named SUV in honour of rocks on Canaries

Bentley has registered the name Bentayga, which is expected to be the first serial of the British SUV brand. A new name is in honor of the rock formations on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). Now the manufacturer carries out the final tests of the SUV, the sales will start in 2016. In October a test prototype of the novelty was spotted on the Northern loop of the German Nürburgring. Prior to this, the British issued a few teasers of the model, which gave a glimpse of its some stylistic peculiarities. According to provisional data, motor cylinder will be new gamma petrol engine and Twin-Turbo W12 unit. Top version will be able to accelerate to 320kilometers per hour, which will make this SUV the fastest car in the segment. In addition, in 2017 Bentayga will be offered with a hybrid power unit, composed of the same 6.75-liter "eight" with two turbines.

Nov 27, 2014

Honda will pay a penalty for hiding defects

Honda Company faces a record penalty accounting 35 million dollars for the concealment of cars’ defects that could lead to more than 1700 accidents in the United States with the death and injuries. American Honda unit acknowledged the non-awareness of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on the 1729 incidents (eight of them occurred due to faulty airbags Takata). Producer explained the hiding information as "unforeseen failures in a database and software errors." Now Japanese Company is faced the punishment in the form of seven thousand dollars for each day of hiding information from July 2003 to the end of June 2014 years. During this period, the company informed the American authorities about 1144 accidents occurred due to defective machines, while the majority of the cases were from the authorities are hidden. There no doubt that Honda will have to pay 35 million dollars.

Alfa Romeo is preparing 8 new models

Over the next four years, Alfa Romeo will launch 8 new models. Moreover, they will be used for all the rear-or four-wheel drive platform. Thus, the company wants completely to abandon the front drive to compete with the current representatives of the premium segment in the person of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. Next summer, exactly on the day of 105 anniversary of Alfa Romeo should show sedan that used to be called Giulia. The Italians have abandoned that name, but does not renounce ambitions to press him on the market, BMW third series. In addition, next year Alfa 4C Spider should be presented. Concern of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for the development of the brand is going to spend 8.5 billion dollars. Engineering staff in 2015, will be expanded from 600 up to 1000 people, and part of this command will be specialists from Maserati.

Toyota presented new system of led lighting: Led Array AHS

According to the official statistics, about 70% of traffic accidents involving pedestrians occurred at night, in poor visibility, when drivers don't notice people next to the road or even on the road. Many manufacturers are beginning to move to the innovative optics that can cover as much of the roadway as possible. Today the press-service of the Japanese brand Toyota officially announced an advanced led optics LED Array Adaptive High Beam System (LED Array AHS) new generation that already in 2015, will be used for some of the models. Toyota noted that the new generation of LED Array AHS has a new array of LEDs and provides a greater range of coverage over all previous ones. New headlight head light LED Array AHS uses several independently controlled LEDs, arranged in a horizontal line, which provides a wide range of illumination. System LED is equipped with a stationary video camera AHS Array that receives information and is able to increase or decrease the individual LEDs. This will ensure the maximum coverage. The new system will allow to see the driver passes, a pedestrian and other unexpected obstacles. In addition, the new system of led lighting Toyota LED Array AHS is able to adapt the light power depending on the road conditions. For example, in the city the lights will not illuminate too wide space, and at the check-out at the suburban Highway driver will see "wider and clearer".

Japanese Police will drive an updated Mazda CX-5

At the end of the current fiscal year (March 2015) in Hiroshima police patrols will use the compact crossover Mazda CX-5 model of 2015, presented a few days ago at the auto show in Los Angeles. The car has a typical, traditional black and white coloring, sirens and all necessary equipment.
Police SUV Mazda CX-5 will be equipped with 2.2-litre diesel engine SKYACTIV-D, with 150 horsepower at 380 nm of torque and four-wheel drive system. In this combination car consumes 5.5 liters of fuel to the "heavy" 100 km of track. This fact especially played a decisive role in choosing this car from Mazda company.
As a reminder, the compact SUV Mazda CX-5 was first introduced in 2012, and is the main competitor to the Toyota RAV-4 and Honda CR-V. The car combines superior driving performance and comfort. In the standard Mazda CX-5 complex there is 2-zoneclimate-control system that will help Japanese police in the cold winter.

Use car seat for your child's safety

The safest place for your child is in a properly fitted child car seat. There are three basic types of child car seats, each designed for different ages and sizes of children:
Rear-facing infant seats 
Forward-facing child seats
Booster seats 
There is a lack of information is causing parents to choose forward-facing child seats even though they aren't the safest.
Professor Lotta Jakobsson, senior technical specialist for injury prevention at the Volvo Cars Safety Centre, said: “We strongly recommend everyone to have a rear-facing child seat for their young children. All children should travel rear-faced until the age of three, and preferably four. The differences in anatomy between adults and children are profound."
Once children have outgrown a rearward-facing seat, the safest option is to use a group 1 forward-facing child seat with an inner harness. Children using these seats are much less likely to be hurt in a crash than children who are using seat belts on their own, or even worse, are totally unrestrained.
The next common recommendation is to switch from a car seat to a booster seat when the child reaches four years or 40 pounds. Again, this is a generalization. Most children at four years or 40 pounds are tall enough to have the safety belt fit correctly when they are in a booster seat.

Nov 26, 2014

Countries with the most aggressive drivers

Drivers from UK in terms of aggression are on the higher position than the drivers from other countries. The Agency UK Lease Plan came to this conclusion after conducting a survey among 3 thousand. drivers from 20 countries of the world. Drivers from Russia did not participate in the survey. About 76% of British said that they have received many of gestures that are deemed offensive. Yet every other driver out of the UK have heard from other road users using foul language. About 73% of drivers found themselves in a situation where aggressive drivers blocked their path.
The British were more aggressively by a number of indicators of the Spaniards and the Italians, who are considered the most vivacious European Nations. By the level of aggression among the drivers are Czechs, Frenchmen and Germans. Among 20 countries that participated in the ranking, the last place by the level of aggression is Turkey. There is only 23% of drivers received in their address insulting gestures, 15% have heard foul language and another 13% have been blocked by the aggressors. Remember, about a year ago, members of the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY in the State Duma of Russia introduced a Bill, under which drivers have offered fine worth from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles for aggressive driving. It's understood the deliberate interference with the vehicle, resulting in the risk of emergency or threat to the safety of other road users.

Alliance: Renault-Nissan has sold 200 thousand electric vehicles

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has managed to sell 200 thousand cars in a year. The Alliance currently holds 58% zero emission car segment. Electric vehicles Renault and Nissan together drove more than 4 billion miles. Thus it saved 200 million liters of fuel, and the atmosphere didn’t get 450 million kilograms of carbon dioxide. From January to November of this year, Renault-Nissan sold 66 500 electric cars, which is by 20 percent more than the same period last year. Thus, two of the three top-selling electric vehicles is made by Renault-Nissan alliance. The most successful electric vehicle in the world is still Nissan Leaf. Just coffee range includes 6 models of the Alliance, including the urban «hypermini» from Nissan, Renault Twizy and e-Nissan NV200 van. We remind that Nissan can reduce the production of batteries for electric cars because of the developing cooperation between Renault and LG Chem. Nissan company recognizes that by its capabilities is behind the LG Chem for at least six months in terms of price and battery life. And while the decision on the reduction has been made, according to some sources, the Guide Nissan already is negotiating with other producers to give them expiring power. One of such partners can become LG.

Lexus is preparing two new models

Lexus will show two new models on the Detroit Motor Show, which will be held next January. And according to the company's General Manager Jeff Brekena none of this pair will be entry-level models. Despite the fact that Lexus has lost part of the segment to Mercedes-Benz and BMW because of the lack of entry-level models, the Japanese company is not going to become "cheaper". In addition to in 2016 Lexus will introduce a new sports car, inspired by the concept LF-LC and designed to be the successor of the LFA supercar. But at the same time, the new sports car will be much more affordable than Lexus LFA. Design of the concept will be kept in the serial version practically without changes. This means that we are waiting for the aggressive sports uniform in the best traditions of Japanese design with the slanted narrow lights, lots of sharp transitions and unexpected angles. The new sports car will get index SC, which is borrowed from already outdated Coupe-Cabriolet. The car will be equipped with a hybrid of petrol engine and electric motor V8. Its power will be around 500 HP but it is still unknown what platform will be built for this sports car. Maybe this will be a shortened platform of the flagship sedan, the LS, GS or completely new platform.

Honda took part in the Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Program

Five cars of Honda participated in a program aimed to develop the intelligent traffic systems to ensure safety and reduce overcrowding on the roads. Program called Communications Cars-is the last step in the direction of a special road space between the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. In accordance with the agreement signed by the three countries in 2013, the ultimate goal is to create a fully integrated intelligent traffic control systems using the latest technology, bringing together transport and infrastructure. Five specially equipped Civic Tourer and CR-V began their road in Munich on November 11, they passed through Vienna and Frankfurt finishing at Hèlmonde, where the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and the representatives of rival companies and automotive groups summed up and discussed the further initiatives. Direct link with other vehicles and infrastructure enables you to warn the drivers about the various threats and road conditions, traffic jams and repair works, as well as to call emergency services. In addition, the new technology is able to detect traffic light cycles, and inform about the optimal mode of the motion. Development of intelligent transport systems will ensure the safety and efficiency of traffic. Our participation in these initiatives is part of Honda's "safety for everyone", said the head of the European mission of Honda R&D Sven Leonard.

Audi would not have buttons in cabin anymore

In the future, Audi plans completely to abandon the physical buttons and sliders in the cabin, assigning all touch screens-said the company's technical director Ulrich Hakkenberg. According to minimalist and rather controversial Interior of the concept Prologue (it controls all peripherals by touch screens) in another shape or form will be used for other serial models.
Today on the new Audi TT dashboard has been replaced by a screen, and the system can work with functions of MMI. A passenger can manage multimedia systems with a separate tablet, which Audi supplies with an extra charge. In the future, this system will appear on all models, but it will be more integrated,- said Ulrich Hakkenberg. It is interesting that last year the experts in ergonomics called car companies not to get involved in sensory and virtual buttons, while maintaining the maximum possible number of physical switches. In their view, the sensors are distracting the driver from the road. 

Nov 24, 2014

Formula 1 World Champion is determined

The season of Formula 1 is completed: Finally at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates the world champion was announced. The winner was Lewis Hamilton-Mercedes AMGteam, for 29-year-old racer this triumph was the second one in his career. He won his first title in 2008 at that time he presented McLaren. Before the race Hamilton outpaced his only rival and teammate Nico Rosberg by 17points, but the rule of double points at the final Grand Prix did not allow the British to relax. For a guaranteed victory in the individual event Lewis needed to get to the finish on the second line. Even the third position at the finish would make Rosberg the champion.
Of course, for Hamilton it was easier: in case of total domination of Mercedes AMGteam to take the second place did not look a challenging thing. On the other hand, Lewis already had cases in which he was mistaken at a crucial moment and largely lost the title of champion in 2007. For the pilot with a temperament of Hamilton the conservative strategy is deadly-in situations like this the aggressive racers can have mistaken even on the level ground.For Rosberg it was a difficult task in itself. Niko had to not just win, but also to force Hamilton to be mistaken, even by mutual finish of teammates Lewis was unable to rise above the third line.

Nov 21, 2014

Mercedes' Know-how: new generation robot car

Mercedes company introduced the concept of future vehicles with the autopilot, which can move independently, relying on airborne equipment and road infrastructure. The designers and the owners of Mercedes believe that, since the person does not have to take part in the management of robot cars, the layout of internal space will change in principle. In particular, the will not need steering wheel, pedals and dashboard. The resulting is a huge empty space,

which can be used for a more comfortable sitting. Salon of these robot cars from Mercedes will look like a small living room or a room for negotiations. The front seats will be able to unfold, so passengers will sit opposite to each other. Pull-out table between them can be used for working with documents or laptop computer.
An integral part of the car with the autopilot will become an Infotainment System. Passengers will be able to interact with it through touch screens, using gestures and even by sight. Mercedes believes that the emergence of robotic vehicles will make the traffic safer, more effective, and will allow completely rethink the transport system.

Mazda2 became a sedan

Mazda fully presented fourth-generation Mazda2 compact notchback sedan. New launch will debut on 28th of November at the international motor show in Thailand and will initially be only for Asian markets. However, we do not lose hope: may be next year "Deuce" would be brought to Europe.
As the Demio hatchback (who, by the way, the title of ' Car of the year 2014 "in Japan), the sedan is the origin of the spring concept Hazumi and continues the theme started by the" big brothers "of the Mazda3 and Mazda6. Pentagonal shield grille with chrome trim is connected in corners with neat headlights and flowing silhouette lines attach to car speed. A small spoiler-lip on the rear tailgate makes the cut feed 2-sports and perky sedan.
The original choice of engines will not take place: Mazda2 Sedan will get a 1.5-litre diesel from the family Skyactive with 105 h.p., consumes a paltry 3.4 l/100 km. For European markets probably the company will add to it a gasoline Skyactive with the same amount, the 75 or 90HP. Probably some details we will learn after a week during offline premieres, so stay tuned.

Nov 20, 2014

Audi R8 Competition was presented in Los Angeles

Automaker Audi officially presented  Audi R8 car Competition at the auto show in Los Angeles. Novelty stands out thanks to its many components made of matte carbon fiber. In particular, front spoiler, side blades, shell mirrors, rear wing and rear diffuser. And another car train black alloy wheels (glossy) and a sport exhaust system. There are a few notable items: anodized brake calipers (red), carbon-ceramic brakes.Interior designers were preparing a finish of matte carbon fiber as well as installed illuminated thresholds. Under the bonnet of the Audi R8 is a 5.2-litre Competition 570-horsepower V10 Engine, which combined with the seven-speed S tronic transmission, and four-wheel drive system. The acceleration up to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. Top speed is 320 km/h. Therefore, the novelty is the fastest member of R8 line.

Nov 19, 2014

A crazy collection of funny cars

Are you completely sure what a car should look like?

Look at these funny photos of cars, whose owners decided not to blend in with the crowd but stand out, so they modified their vehicles to look like this:

Banana Car 

 I am Too Hungry Today 

What about a lobster party ?      

Oh, No I prefer fish !!!!!!

May I have a last kiss ?

Mini Cooper turned into LEGO bricks

The LEGO company, the famous Danish toy manufacturer, adds to his collection of LEGO Creator Expert a scaled model of a Mini Cooper. An exact replica of the legendary car colors-British Racing 
Green with white roof and bonnet stripes, with longitudinally four-cylinder engine and a basket for a picnic in the trunk can be ordered online. Classic Mini is available as a set of 1 k. 007 elements. LEGO designers have created a model based on the latest generation of the classic Mini Cooper, released before 2000. Thanks to the attention to detail they were able to move the unique spirit of the car in a world of bright engineers, the company said. The length of the fully assembled car is 25 cm, width: 14 cm and a height of 11 cm. The proportions of the copy are fully in line with the proportions of the original. Unmistakably recognizable car and other details: body color British Racing Green, dyed white roof, chassis rear view mirrors and stripes on the hood, as well as cellular pattern beige seats and additional fog lamps on a hexagonal grille. Wheels, bumpers, headlights, flashlights and even door hinges also faithfully reproduce their original design. On the rear of the side wings are logos that tell that this LEGO model is based on a special series of Mini Cooper, manufactured from August 1997 to July 1998, in honor of the 40-year anniversary of the classic Mini.
Opening doors, hood and trunk lid, Mini Cooper, you can find lots of carefully reproduced details. Four-cylinder engine is transversely, the steering wheel, gear-lever and parking brake lever and move the backrest and head restraints of seats equipped with adjustments. In the trunk was fully collected picnic basket with a checkered blanket.
The makers of set do not forget even about such details of the compact classic British car like the right location of the steering wheel and yellow rear number plate. Spare wheel, which also comes bundled with the car is stored under the floor of the luggage compartment to save space.

Nov 18, 2014

Toyota introduced its funny concept Sienna SpongeBob

Automaker Toyota has teamed up with Nickelodeon to create no-ordinary thematic concept Sienna Sponge Bob, which was presented at the auto show in Los Angeles.
The new version of the Sienna combines two colors such as: blue and yellow. Moreover, on the windshield of a massive Sponge Bob's face, which closes the whole review. The concept is also complemented with the masked Superhero Incredibubble ", which creates the real bubbles.
A rare style can be seen in the salon too. In particular, the multi-colored seats and steering wheel are very impressive. The ceiling is painted in the blue color of the sky, and the ground reminds us the sand. According to the Vice-President of Toyota marketing Jack Hollis, new car created for fan and the people who travel with their family. The car can accommodate up to 8 people.
After the debut in Los Angeles, the novelty will participate on a promotional “tour movie: Sponge Bob the sponge out of the water".

How to avoid backover accidents

How to avoid backover accidents
Children are often the unfortunate victims of backward pedestrian crashes. There are many driveway tragedies of this nature every year in the United States. When it comes to avoiding objects while traveling in reverse, rear cameras are more effective than parking sensors. However, they are not helpful in every situation.
Experts estimate about 300 people are killed and about 18,000 are injured annually in backward pedestrian crashes. These accidents typically occur in driveways and parking lots. Researchers recently conducted a study with drivers in an empty parking lot in Los Angeles. Their study results showed that cameras were more helpful than parking sensors in preventing backward crashes into pedestrians. They also found that cameras alone worked better in these situations than cameras and parking sensors combined.
Trucks and SUVs are commonly involved in these accidents, because it is hard for drivers to see children who are playing or lying on the ground from a higher blind zone.
During their study, researchers placed a painted pole behind a vehicle to show the varying heights and head sizes of kids who were between 12 and 15 months, between two and three years and between five and six years. One exception to this was the Hyundai Sonata, which had a high trunk and a sloping rear window. The blind spot on this vehicle was more than 40 percent larger than the blind spot on a Ford F-150 truck, which had side mirrors designed for enhanced visibility while towing.

How Marriage influences on car insurance

How Marriage influences on car insurance
Whether or not our founding father was right about marriage being the foundation of happiness or misery, it’s true that marriage can provide a foundation for your auto insurance rates.
Michael Barry, Vice President of Media Relations at the Insurance Information Institute, confirms that “auto insurers have found that married couples are less likely to file claims than single policyholders, giving an actuarial justification to offering lower rates to married drivers.”
While combining coverage with your spouse typically results in savings, if one of you has a poor insurance record, the discounts might not develop as planned. Certain insurance companies also take care to give civil unions the same discounts as marriages.
Finding and keeping a life partner can result in added perks when it comes time to pay your car insurance premium. But if you’re single, fear not: there are plenty of other ways to save on car insurance.

Audi Exclusive presented a "lonely" RS4 Avant

Audi Exclusive Studio presented a custom car RS4 Avant. This exclusive model is created for the customer from Germany. The model has received green exterior and Matt-Black alloy wheels.
Sport style in the cabin emphasizes glossy black accents, as well as green trim Chrysolite. The model also received the identifying mark of the Audi Exclusive and sport seats (made of leather and Alcantara). 
BTW, the basic version of the RS4 Avant car equipped with 4.2-liter 450 HP V8 engine with a torque of 430 Nm. It merged with the seven-speed GEARBOX (dual-clutch), as well as the Quattro all-wheel drive system. The acceleration to 100 km/h takes 4.7seconds. The top speed is 280 kilometers per hour.

Bentley presented a luxurious Grand Convertible

The Star Exposition of Bentley at Los Angeles Auto show was a new luxurious concept Grand Convertible. This car with a simple name is a first look at the next generation Azure; its future has not been determined yet. And the British are going to be engaged in surveys for finding the potential audience in the United States.
So, technically Grand Convertible is the Mulsanne without two doors and a removable soft top. Four-seat cabriolet kept an entrenched style of Bentley with a massive “front” which looked like the suitcase and round headlights. The special detail is two-tone coloring, the combination of deep blue tone with a sparkling silver accents.Inside is a traditional luxury Bentley’s interior with very expensive accessories. The mentioned car will be produced in a very limited number.

Tricks to make you spend more on car insurance

Car insurers are still tricking customers out of extra cash by involving them into costlier policies, hiding fees and charges in small print and automatically adding unwanted extras. Fees and responsibilities are often hidden away and policy documents are generally far too long for customers to realistically challenge. A number of insurers such as AA and Allianz are still automatically signing customers up for highly commercial "add-on" products that are not clearly presented or explained. Add-ons are insurance products sold together with the primary policy. Some car insurers are believed to make a third of their profits from add-ons alone. Research by consumer group Fairer Finance found poor practice is still widespread in the sector. A third of insurers still organize pay-monthly policies for customers who have come from comparison websites when they have exactly asked to pay yearly.

Customers who do not carefully check that their choices have been taken are likely to end up paying considerably more for their cover. Firms charge more when premiums are paid over 12 months rather than annually in a lump sum. In the long run, it's in insurers' interest to ensure that their clients understand what they're buying. But too many insurers find it too hard to struggle the opportunity to try to make a quick extra buck.

Nov 17, 2014

2 BMW Active hybrid Tourer will go on sale in 2015

The next ownert of the hybrid technology will be the 7-seater version of the BMW Active 2 Tourer and new crossover X1V. According to the British media the new BMW hatchback 2 Active will have ne modification of eDrive Tourer with plug-in power unit. The front wheel is expected to be transferred to pull 3-cylinder ENGINE with capacity of 1.5 l (136 HP, 220 Nm). The car can go over 30 miles without emission of CO ₂. In fact, this product is ideological successor of hybrid Active Tourer Concept, which was shown at the Paris Motor Show in 2012 year. In the future the same power plant will be used for "menu" of 7-seaterGrand Tourer Series 2 (according to the preliminary data, it will make its debut next year) and crossover X 1 the next generation which will get the UKL chassis.

Toyota revealed its hydrogen electric Mirai

Toyota officially showed its first serial car that runs on hydrogen. Four-door sedan called Mirai will go on sale in most countries of the world already in 2015. The first novelty will get Japan and then, as infrastructure grows, it will be offered in the United States and Europe. The predecessor of Toyota Mirai is last year's concept FCV, the production version had inherited a lot of features. Heart of hydrogen electric Mirai became the 136-horsepowerelectric motor, which supplies energy to the hydrogen-driven converter. One filling of gas under the pressure of 70 Mpa can be used for 480 km run, and the process of filling the tank will take less than five minutes.
However, there aren’t many hydrogen refueling stations even in Japan and in the United States too. Toyota and Air Liquide plans to open a network of 12 STATIONS on the North-East of the United States simultaneously with the beginning of sales of Mirai.
In Japan, a revolutionary new product will cost about 7 million yen, and in the United States it will cost about 60000 dollars, in Europe the price will be equal to 48000 Euro. 

Official sketches of Audi Prologue

In the network you can already find the first official images of the concept car Audi Prologue, previously known as A9. The concept car was designed in the Ingolstadt Design Center under the guidance of the new Audi Chief Designer Mark Lichte. Model, designed to show the future direction of corporate design, will be presented at Los Angeles motor show at the end of this month.
That prototype is 5.1 m long, 1.95 m wide and 1.39 meters high, while it served as the basis for the MLB Evo.
In fact, this model is a harbinger of the future production version of the flagship of the German company, which may appear on the market in 2017 and will be known as Audi A9. It is possible that it would have 4.0-liter 8-cylinder V-twin-turbo motor which will develop 600 HP.

Citroen will soon release an updated C4 Cactus

Automaker Citroen is planning to release a new generation of C4 Cactus with plastic body parts. We should definitely mention such innovations as a panoramic roof with glass and led lights.
The representatives of the company also revealed the vehicle’s weight (965 kilos) and trunk volume (358 liters).For new launched Citroen C4 Cactus the company prepared a whole range of petrol and diesel engines. It is possible that in future the car may receive a hybrid set (all will depend on demand).While the current version is with one liter 82-engine with three cylinders, and petrol units have 109-horsepower engine. But the diesel ones have 92and 100-strong motors.
Each engine of this new C4 Cactus will work in conjunction with the manual transmission or "robot". Finally, according to representatives of the concern, fuel consumption will be approximately 3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Nov 15, 2014

Which car to choose for cheaper insurance

Which car to choose for cheaper insurance
Drivers can save hundreds of pounds a year by buying a car that is cheaper to insure. Cars in Group One are typically cheapest to insure.
A Hyundai i10 costs £214, a Fiat Panda £220 and a Chevy Spark £222. Average premiums are £531. The Skoda Citigo, Seat Mii, Volkswagen Up! and Citroën C1 fall into this category, costing just £210 for comprehensive cover. The cost to repair a car, its value, performance and any security features all add to premiums, regardless of a motorist’s age, driving record or postcode. Because a Ferrari is more likely to be stolen than a Fiat, every car falls into one of 50 groups set by the Group Rating Panel, commissioned by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).
Premiums are based on a 30-year-old man from Peterborough with a 12-year no claims record. The cheapest group also includes the Volkswagen Fox (£225 to insure), Vauxhall Corsa (£248) and Smart For two Pure (£264).

Nov 13, 2014

The "greatest American muscle car" will be presented in Los Angeles

The former designer of Aston Martin and the owner of his own company producing hybrid cars 2010-Fisker-Henrik will show in November at Los Angeles motor show its new development. The car is labeled by the creators as "the greatest American muscle car."
New product is developed together with tuning company Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), which participated in the famous TV show "Pimp My Ride". So far only a teaser of this car was published, it was called Galpin Fisker Rocket. 
The GAS company last year introduced its own supercar, based on the Ford GT coupe car which has hand-made aluminum body (for an extra fee, you can order a carbon fiber body panels), led lights, Brembo brakes. The first "hundred kilometer per hour" the supercar can dial for three seconds, and 160 kilometers per hour in six seconds. «The maximum speed» is 362kilometres per hour.
The company of Fisker-Henrik “Fisker Automotive” was declared bankrupt last year. Prior to that it produced a model with two electric motors Karma with total capacity of 403 and a 2-liter gasoline engine, it was able to recharge the batteries while driving.
Now the company Fisker is owned by Chinese Wanxiang group, which is going to establish the production of three models.

Lotus prepares Evora for premiere at Geneva

General Manager of Lotus Jean-Marc Gales disclosed new details about future cars of the company. While speaking to reporters, he mentioned that the company would not survive without development. So now there are about 900 State employees and production capacity is approximately 2000 cars per year. Moreover, he said, the numbers could rise to 3000 cars per year and remain at that level for several years.
For the further development of the company will follow the case of Porsche. Likely Lotus will focus on producing new sedans and crossovers. However, some will not endorse the idea, but the Executive Director believes otherwise. By his opinion, the sales will increase by 10 thousand vehicles per year. But the company simply does not have the funds to produce new cars and this situation will persist for the next few years.
Fortunately the problems with the budget will not affect an Evora, which is rumored to debut at the Geneva Motor Show (year 2015). The device will become easier and more powerful than its predecessor’s. Also the company is going to present a model of the Lotus Exige. In addition, according to unconfirmed reports, Lotus is going to release another mysterious novelty, which will look like a 2-Eleven model.

Acura is preparing its first minivan

The company is working on Acura's first-ever luxury brand minivan which will be the Japanese response to the appearance of Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The look of the family car designers will perform in the unified corporate style: grille will be in the form of a shield, with sharp-angled headlights and massive bumpers. In addition, the car will have two sliding doors.
The model shares a platform with the Honda Odyssey minivan. Already in the database it will have all-wheel drive system and a 9-speed AUTOMATIC GEARBOX. The range of engines will include petrol V6and hybrid powertrain. 
If the Acura minivan actually does come to completion, we can already expect to see it by the 2016 or 2017 model year.

Nov 12, 2014

Chevrolet Corvette is the nosiest supercar

Chevrolet so far is not able to start sales in South Korea, the seventh generation of the Corvette, super car because the volume exceeds the noise level of the vehicle. Sales of cars in many countries began in the year 2013, but the Korean mission of General Motors has not solved the problem with the local authorities yet. And GM Korea President Sergio Rocha said that the concern is not going to have influence on the situation.
"Every year Korean car market gets twelve new super cars" Corvettes "(probably referring to the previous-generation Sorento, corresponded to the permissible noise level.
The seventh generation of the Chevrolet Corvette was introduced on the world market as a novelty at the beginning of 2013. Sales of cars in the United States started in the same year, while in Europe it appeared on the market only in 2014-m.

Subaru teases with an amazing concept Viziv GT

Subaru and Polyphony Digital Studio presented videotizer of a new concept Subaru VizivGT Vision Gran Turismo. Incredibly fast ride will be done digitally in the SimulatorGran Turismo 6, but in reality its features can be approved in future models of Japanese brand.
Viziv GT, as a continuation of last year's series of the same concepts, looks incredibly confidently and aggressively with its LED-lights, deep caves, inlets, "faceted" silhouette, flat roof and a huge rear wing. Interestingly, even in the gaming universe Subaru did not forget about the environment, and draws our attention to the marker of a plug-in Hybrid.
Worthy opponents of GT6: in a series of Vision are Red Bull, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Aston Martin, Audi, Bertone, Honda, Infiniti, Italdesign Giugiaro,Nissan, Peugeot, SRT, VW and Zagato. This will be a enjoyable battle.