Dec 24, 2014

Design of new Audi A7 is already approved

Chief Designer of Audi Mark Lichte confessed that the work on the design of the new A7 Sportback is completed. The model will resemble the concept Prologue and will become stronger than A6 and A8 sedans. Mr Lichte, the current designer-reformer in Audi, confirmed that the style of new A7 Sportback already approved and will not be changed anymore. A7 might become lighter, it will receive 5 levers suspension "on the circle", fully controled chassis and 48-volt electrical system, starter-generator which can return the brake kinetic energy with a capacity of up to 12 kW. By the way, it should keep a powerful V8 4.0 bi turbo engine. Moreover the hybrid version e-tron will be offered, with a large reserve of electric drive (over 50 miles) and the ability to recharge traction batteries from the electrical outlet. The new Audi A7 Sportback as well as the regular sedan A6 will be released in 2017.