McLaren created red-and-black version of P1

McLaren presented a special version of supercar P1. The car was created in the company MSO by request. The company did not disclose information about the customer.

Information about the fastest Mini is leaked

Company Mini mentioned the most powerful and rapid variation of its hatchback version about a year ago, at the show in Detroit.

Bentley replaced the Chief Designer

Chief Designer of Bentley and in general of the concern Volkswagen AG left the Belgian Luc Donkervol′ke, who was responsible for the look of all Bentley cars, starting from 2012 onwards.

Volkswagen Tiguan will be in three versions

As the announcement tells us, the next generation of the crossover, the 2015 VW Tiguan will be more than one model in itself. The regular Volkswagen Tiguan five door will carry on and that will be the least surprising version.

5 advices how to avoid the crashes in strong winter

Soon strong winter will knock our doors and the streets will be full of snow the snow, that is why ee decided to write down some useful advises how to avoid accidents in a snowy weather.

Apr 28, 2015

Jaguar adds power sports car F-Type

Jaguar adds power sports car F-Type
Jaguar has initiated the establishment of the charged version of the sports car F-Type, according to World Car Fans. Development of a new model confirmed head of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Vehicle John Edwards. The car will receive the prefix SVR in the title, the date of the premiere of the car will be named later.
According to unofficial data, the sports car will be powered by an upgraded 5.0 liter V8 supercharged. Engine power will be more than 600 horsepower. Prior to the first 100 km / h model will accelerate in 3.9 seconds.
F-Type SVR will be different modified bodywork, rear diffuser, 20-inch wheels and new brakes. Most likely, the novelty can be purchased in coupe and convertible. It is expected that the car will go on sale in limited edition.

Apr 8, 2015

Hennessey will make from Cadillac CTS-V the fastest sedan

The American tuning Studio Hennessey shared details about the forthcoming package of improvements for "loaded" Cadillac CTS-V sedan. The company promises that after improvements the car will become the fastest sedan in the world." Its 6.2-liter engine power will increase from 640 up to 1000 horsepower. Atelier Hennessey will make from the Cadillac CTS-V the fastest sedan in the world. The American tuning Studio Hennessey shared details about the forthcoming package of improvements for "loaded" Cadillac CTS-V sedan. Its 6.2-liter engine power increased from 640 up to 1000 horsepower. The Studio will have such increases by replacing standard drive motor blower on a twin turbo. In addition, the tuners have forged aluminum Pistons, a different crankshaft and cylinder head. In addition, specialists will replace fuel system, intercooler, air filters and exhaust system. The impact of the motor will be raised up to750-800 HP.
The company's founder John Hennessy hopes that 1000-HP Hennessey Twin TurboHPE1000 CTS-V can accelerate up to 386 kilometers per hour. Hennessey will release this sedan in a limited edition.

Ferrari is preparing a "budget" model

The legendary Italian car maker Ferrari decided to keep up with the latest trends in the world of sports cars: the model of the "input level" from McLaren Italians are planning to answer to the new offers of sports car with a similar price range and with similar characteristics.
The car will be produces in 2019 and will follow the changing vector of development of Ferrari: the novelty will get the turbo engine. The V-shaped "top six" with two turbines, but its size and power are not known yet. Before this production the most affordable model in the Ferrari family was California, which is equipped with a V-shaped bi-turbo eight volume engine with 3.8 liters capacity and 560 horsepower.

Apr 3, 2015

Peugeot built a bistro on the wheels

On the annual Festival called Milan Design Week, which will start on 14 April, 2015, Peugeot will show a very funny and above all a useful concept with a talking naming Food truck. In fact, this a mobile Bistro or a restaurant on the wheels. Its working space will contain two Grill, 4 induction hobs, frying oils, two refrigerators in the 400 and 350 liter volume, as well as a video camera. The mentioned here 46-inch screen will allow customers to watch the preparation of the food. At the same time they will entertain Internet radio together with the powerful sound system Focal.

Honda showed the concept of tenth generation Civic

On the New York auto show Honda held a premiere of the new Honda Civic Concept, which is planned to be on the market this autumn. The company noted that the new generation Honda Civic will have the increased wheelbase and wider track. Vehicle height will be reduced. "The new Civic will be the most dynamic, the most exquisite and stylish, the most technologically advanced than other Civics we've ever created. It will be the most Horde Civic, "said John Mendel, the head of the American branch of the company. The company noted that the new Honda Civic will be built on a new compact platform which, together with the latest engines Earth Dreams Technology made it possible to achieve a minimum level of noise in the cabin and a good fuel economy.
It is known that the engine will be in the range of 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo, which is aggregated by six-speed "mechanics" or (optionally) by Variator.

Apr 2, 2015

Infiniti updated crossover QX50

Infiniti introduced at the New York Auto show an updated crossover QX50 prepared for the American auto market. The crossover got a long wheelbase, due to which it got in free space inside the car.
Furthermore, new products’ wheel base grew from 81 millimeter to 2881 millimeter. Rear passenger legroom increased by 109 millimeters, and the aggregate amount of the Salon became more by 235 liters. In addition, the crossover has received a number of stylistic changes. In particular, it had a new front and rear bumper, slightly modified radiator grille, as well as other chassis, exterior mirrors and side rapids. In addition, QX50 got a new exterior color, called Hagane Blue. Infiniti QX50 got previous 3.7-liter six-cylinder petrol unit which develops 325 horsepower and 361 mm of torque, coupled with "seven level" automate system. Crossover will be offered with rear or all wheel drive. Standard equipment of the novelty includes heated front seats, rear view camera, 18-inch alloy wheels and leather seats. With additional payment the crossover, for example, can be equipped with Adaptive Headlights head light, wooden inserts and Bose sound system with 11speakers. Prices for Infiniti QX50 are not available yet, however, it is expected that they will begin from 35.9 thousand dollars. 

Special version of Mazda MX-5 was shown in New York

Mazda as a participant of the New York Auto Show introduced a special version of the MX-5 Roadster, known as Miata Club. From the normal version it is diverse by an extended list of basic equipment, as well as "sport" suspension and body elements. Limited-slip differential, the car received a special spacer Bilstein shock absorbers under the hood, and front splitter and a rear spoiler. Optionally available front Brembo brakes and aerodynamic body kit in the style of a "track" version of the MX-5Cup-Global, dedicated to the eponymous racing Cup
In the list of standard equipment of the Miata Club also includes multimedia complex with seven inch touch screen and Bose audio system with nine speakers. Special version is available with only one engine-running Quartet with 157 horsepower. Gearbox-six-speed automatic or the "mechanics" of the same range.
This car we can see on sale in the United States market already this summer.

New fastback Kia Novo debuted in Seoul

At the Seoul motor show in South Korea Kia unveiled the conceptual fastback Novo, which, according to the company, can be seen as a harbinger of a new family of compact cars. The name Novo has Latin roots, meaning new and innovative.
The design was drawn by a Korean Studio of Kia in Nam′ânge. The fastback Novo has the upgraded Kia Cerato platform. The artists have tried to keep the silhouette of a coupe, mix it with the new style of the brand with branded items. What is very interesting that the rear doors open from the opposite side. For the The exterior the designers used carbon and aluminum.

Tires, in which 20-inch wheels shod with the concept of Novo, are unique, they are constructed with Adaptive profile; the central part has a small depression so that the rubber is not heated, it provides a better grip on the road surface, reduced rolling resistance performance and noise.
The Interior concept developed by Novo Kia has a minimalistic approach. To the right of the steering wheel there is a fingerprint scanner, which can recognize the owner and only after that it will expose the stored volume setting music, type displayed on the touch screen information etc. The concept is equipped with T- GDI engine with capacity of 1.6 liter.

New Chevrolet Spark debuted in New York City

At the New York Auto Show Chevrolet introduced a new generation of its compact-car Chevrolet Spark. A distinctive feature of the new model is the engine, which is 16% more powerful than the one that was installed on the predecessor. The new design has changed the attitude towards the vehicle. The main elements of the new design are narrow headlights and radiator grille with hexagonal thin upper stripe. Chevrolet stated that the wheelbase of Spark has grown. The height of the car is significantly reduced to 40 mm. This has had a positive impact on the car's aerodynamics and the overall aesthetic appearance of a hatchback. The new generation of the model has a completely new architecture, enabling a more finely tuned work suspension and handling.
New Chevrolet Spark equipped with a 98-horsepower gasoline engine with 1.4 liter Ecotec. Engine type is totally new, the block and the head are made of aluminum, and its value is greater than the value of the motor, which was installed on the predecessor. Either five level mechanical transmissions or CVT can be ordered for this model.