Jan 29, 2015

Volkswagen Tiguan will be in three versions

As the announcement tells us, the next generation of the crossover, the 2015 VW Tiguan will be more than one model in itself. The regular Volkswagen Tiguan five door will carry on and that will be the least surprising version. Volkswagen offer a three door (or at least three door looking) body style. All of these variants and ideas are made available good manners of Volkswagen’s brand modular MQB platform which seems to be quite the chameleon. As part of a mild refresh for 2012, VW increased the Tiguan's level of standard equipment; base models remain more expensive than many rival vehicles, in part due to a larger complement of standard features. All Tiguans include a decent sound system with a CD player, an iPod adapter, SiriusXM satellite radio, and hands-free Bluetooth calling.