McLaren created red-and-black version of P1

McLaren presented a special version of supercar P1. The car was created in the company MSO by request. The company did not disclose information about the customer.

Information about the fastest Mini is leaked

Company Mini mentioned the most powerful and rapid variation of its hatchback version about a year ago, at the show in Detroit.

Bentley replaced the Chief Designer

Chief Designer of Bentley and in general of the concern Volkswagen AG left the Belgian Luc Donkervol′ke, who was responsible for the look of all Bentley cars, starting from 2012 onwards.

Volkswagen Tiguan will be in three versions

As the announcement tells us, the next generation of the crossover, the 2015 VW Tiguan will be more than one model in itself. The regular Volkswagen Tiguan five door will carry on and that will be the least surprising version.

5 advices how to avoid the crashes in strong winter

Soon strong winter will knock our doors and the streets will be full of snow the snow, that is why ee decided to write down some useful advises how to avoid accidents in a snowy weather.

Sep 14, 2015

The benefits of No-Fault insurance

The benefits of No-Fault insurance
What exactly does no-fault insurance cover?
Traditional car insurance policies let you take out legal responsibility coverage to reimburse for bodily injury claims from anyone injured in an accident in which you have been deemed at fault. With no-fault car insurance, the bodily injury coverage supplied by your policy extends to you. What about medical bills and other losses caused by the accident in case of no-fault insurance. The Personal Injury Protection component of no-fault car insurance guarantees not only that your hospital bills are paid, but that you’re also covered for any related losses, like lost incomes, psychological therapy or long-term kinetic-therapy. So Under current no-fault laws, motorists may sue for harsh injuries and for pain and suffering only if the case meets certain circumstances. These conditions, known as a threshold, relate to the severity of injury. They may be expressed in verbal terms or in dollar amounts of medical bills, a monetary threshold. Some laws also include minimum requirements for the days of disability incurred as a result of the accident.
So the benefit of no-fault insurance is obvious. As it is a type of car insurance in which an insurance provider covers damages occurred to its customer in an accident, not considering who’s held responsible. Essentially to it, it has one more benefit for drivers, it reduces the need for a driver to go after another party’s insurance company in order to be reimbursed for damages that the other person caused.