Dec 4, 2014

Prototypes of women by their cars (Photos)

Cars for women
What do you think why women are always trying to choose a beautiful car. Beautiful means that not only the color of the car and the brand are carefully chosen but also the shape of the car. The color of the woman car makes obvious who is the owner. Luxury and glamour girls such as model or pop singers usually choose expensive cars with bright colors. Woman with sport backgroung mainly choose the car because of the technical and other characteristics: such as engine power, realibility, comfortable salon and these cars are mainly in dark colors. What about confident woman? For sure a confidents woman will chose a visible car, with middlle sizes but it will never be an electric mini car or a huge Gelenvagen. She will definetly choose SUV with huge range of capacities, and it will probably be in dark green, dark blue or dark red color. The is a saying that each woman's car is the mirror reflection of the owner's character.